The Foundation of Dialogue and Solidarity of united nations is a nongovernmental, non-political, transcendental and nonprofit that is established which as a transcendental organization and with international goals on the way to promoting the discourse culture and global peace.
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Familiarity with the land of Iran

Iran is a land and an ancient nation (six thousand years old), one of the most historic countries in the world.

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Shah-Cheragh holy shrine

The name of the cemetery is in Shiraz, which, according to the Shiite beliefs, Ahmed ibn Musa Kazim,...


Moshir house

Golshan house is one of the oldest Shiraz markets that was built during the Qajar period. This beautiful...


Atigh Jame’ Mosque

The oldest mosque in Shiraz, its first building was built in the year 281 AH in the time of...

روستای ابیانه در چهل کیلومتری شمال غربی نطنز در استان اصفهان در دامنه کوه کرکس واقع است .روستای ابیانه را به اعتبار آثار و بناهای تاریخی پرتنوعش باید از زمره استثنایی ‏ترین روستاهای ایران به شمار آورد ابیانه نقطه ‏ای خوش منظره و خوش آب و هوا و دارای موقعیت طبیعی مساعدی است. در دوره صفویه هنگامی که شاهان صفوی برای ییلاق به نطنز می ‏رفتند بسیاری از نزدیکان آنها و درباریان ترجیح می ‏دادند در ابیانه اقامت کنند.

Abyaneh village

Abyaneh village is located 40 km northwest of Natanz in Isfahan province on the slopes of Karkas Mountain....


Happy Nowruz 1399

Nowruz, despite all its differences from previous years, is still Nowruz. A New Day that promises peace and friendship and solidarity to all of human beings. Whatever their race, nationality or religion. Nowruz in spring has come to give rebirth to the nature as it gives vivacity and merriment to all free people of the world. People who nowadays have to take care of the world more than ever because of Coronavirus. Nowruz this year, our hearts will be more together than ever. Hoping for the healing of the sick and the peace of the souls of victims!

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