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About Us

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The Foundation of Dialogue and Solidarity of United Nations is a nongovernmental, non-political, transcendental and nonprofit that is established as a transcendental organization and with international goals on the way to promote the cultural discourse and global peace.


This Foundation tries to combine the concepts of human rights, peaceful activities and experiences of its partners in other countries and encourage different societies to use democracy and discourse in civil and international conflicts in compromise way. This Foundation with seminars and international discourses tries to prevent devastating wars, vagrancy that all segments of people are aware of its outcomes and its horrible effects toward human societies. This will be realized with making unity among people and establishing human foundations that they can spread peace and friendship among human societies. This Foundation seeks to use existing global potential striving for establishing peace and friendship among nations and securing world from any kind of conflicts and wars.


This foundation tries to help for holding multi-layer talks in national, regional and international levels and seeks the following goals:

  • Promoting peace culture
  • Promoting the respect to discourse
  • Promoting and developing democratic institutions
  • Creating free thinking and democracy area
  • Creating international science based areas for exchanging sciences and making proximity among nations or persuading and simplifying the models and mechanisms of people base on management.
  • Eliminating tribal prejudices and racism in human societies and creating and developing feelings of brotherhood among segments of people
  • Reviving the humanitarian customs and cultural heritage in order to spread peace and brotherhood.


  • Protecting the base form of freedom and human rights
  • Promoting the bases of civil peace development
  • Promoting the bases of international peace development
  • Protecting the rights of conflicts victims
  • Creating bases in order of developing international and civil discourses
  • Cooperating with other international organizations in order to promote global discourse and peace
  • Establishing international offices and transferring agencies in other countries
  • Cultivating, holding meetings and conferences in cultural and educational segments
  • Researching on global peace project
  • Internalizing the concepts regarding to peace and discourse without tribal, religious, racism and sexual views.
  • Preparing the mediator groups to prevent civil and international conflicts and declaration of readiness for political mediation and researching and interpreting the roots of a conflict
  • Connecting religious’ specialists to resolve conflicts and religious quarrels among religions
  • Cooperating and interacting with UN for creating a coherent base in international levels

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